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Quotes about Teasing

Teasing Quotes
12 quotes about teasing follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite teasing quotes!
"I keep teasing him that someday I?m going to see him on Food Network. He?s very focused, very talented and has a real good sense of taste."
-Diane Pinkham
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"Spring's last-born darling, clear-eyed, sweet,Pauses a moment, with white twinkling feet,And golden locks in breezy play,Half teasing and half tender, to repeatHer song of "May.""
-Sarah Chauncey Woolsey
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"She was very much of the period, ... A lot of people played it too sexy, in a very modern way. And I think Gretchen had a very instinctive understanding of the sexiness of a very different time. You have to go back before Playboy, before the outright, blatant sexiness to something more hidden, teasing, more of the nice girl. Naughty but nice."
-Mary Harron
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"They've been teasing us with buses for four days. They're telling us they're going to come get us one day, and then they don't show up."
-Daniel Edwards
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"We were teasing (Johnson) before the game because it was probably the fastest goal in NHL history tonight."
-Yanic Perreault
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"[Former co-clerk Saikrishna Prakash recalls teasing,] John, break out the crystal ball and tell us what the framers thought. ... Yes, I consulted the framers. You're all wrong, and I'm right."
-John Yoo
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"[Other migrant children also appreciate the chance not to be outsiders for once -- and to avoid the teasing they often suffer at mainstream schools.] Americans have a problem with migrants, ... They want them to do the menial jobs, but don't want them living in the community."
-Kathy Freudenberg
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"We're hanging in there taking one day at a time you know it's still hard I think about him all the time his smile and teasing me and sitting on my arm telling him to move."
-Sharon Moore
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"The more kids are aware of what bullying is, the better. Simple teasing can really take a toll on a kid. We just want kids to know [bullying] when they see it, so they can at least try and stop it."
-Carl Sousa
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"If you say to a woman "I really like you", it won't be as effective as saying to them "You really like me" in a teasing way. Do you understand?"
-David Deangelo
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"We were all having a good time - kinda teasing grandma about how well she looked and how she's getting around."
-Ernie Jackson
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