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Quotes about Stagnating

Stagnating Quotes
6 quotes about stagnating follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite stagnating quotes!
"The Japanese economy seems to be stagnating versus rapid growth in China, but its growth is ready to take off. Japan is coming out of deflation."
-Hidenao Nakagawa
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"With profit growth stagnating, the government should look for a better future for the company, such as seeking international strategic investors."
-Simon Chao
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"The companies are merging out of necessity because sales of their top-selling medicines are stagnating and they have a shortage of early-stage experimental medicines in their pipelines."
-Viren Mehta
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"We are stagnating now. We have got to really get busy."
-Reed Tuckson
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"In Italy, after stagnating in 2005, the economy now shows some signs of recovery."
-Mario Draghi
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"It's one thing to run faster in place when the rest of the economy is stagnating as well. But it cuts a little deeper when policymakers are telling you the economy is fine, and you are falling behind."
-Jared Bernstein
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