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Quotes about Scaring

Scaring Quotes
14 quotes about scaring follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite scaring quotes!
"We're scaring people away needlessly from very safe vaccines."
-Diane Peterson
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"I told him, 'You are scary. You're scaring me. He said, 'How do you know I'm scary? You don't even know me."
-Jessica Sierra
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"There is a buyers' strike. People are afraid to touch the old media. No matter how cheap they have gotten, people are fleeing. The environment is scaring them, and they can't figure it out."
-Dennis Leibowitz
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"It was kind of scaring me a little. This was kind of similar (to last time). This is the advantage of learning from games like that. We don't care whether we win by one or by 30. Let's just keep going."
-Frank Howell
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"What's scaring us now is the disease they are saying is coming."
-David Steiner
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"The costs are scaring people to death. The need had always been there but the need continues to grow. ... We're getting applications from people who've never contacted us before."
-Richard Hayes
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"What you are as a single person, you will be as a married person, only to a greater degree. Any negative character trait will be intensified in a marriage relationship, because you will feel free to let your guard down -- that person has committed himself to you and you no longer have to worry about scaring him off."
-Josh Mcdowell
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"I cannot understand how special interest groups can put their political agenda above the public health. I am asking these organizations to stop scaring the public and to help us get out an accurate message that will benefit all Americans, especially lower income and elderly Americans."
-David Burney
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"It's about scaring the heck out of you."
-Diane Robina
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"I'm very happy with where we're at right now. We've found a way to scrap out a couple of close wins to start league play and the kids feel confident. We're not scaring people or blowing anyone out, we're just finding ways to win close games and if we can continue to do that, we'll have a chance."
-Larry Hadley
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"I don't know what hitting uninhabited land accomplishes besides scaring the children. But then again, I'm not the defense minister."
-Gidi Sabag
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"And if they can increase the rate of abstention by scaring people away from voting, that would rob Uribe of some of his electoral legitimacy."
-German Espejo
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"If he is not distorting the truth, the vice president is scaring the seniors. The vice president is developing a reckless disregard for the truth and that is becoming somewhat alarming."
-Eric Hauser
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