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Quotes about Roosters

Roosters Quotes
5 quotes about roosters follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite roosters quotes!
"You can't maintain a pit or other facilities for fighting, but the county has no law against owning birds. There's a lucrative business in the buying and selling of specially bred roosters."
-Garrick Phillips
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"My other big thing is chickens. I paint roosters and dogs."
-Allison Reed
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"We don't put our roosters against other roosters, ... cockfight."
-William Meehan
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"Crows are what are known as colonial roosters -- they roost in a colony at night. That area in the east end near Homewood is where all of our crows, from who knows how far away, go. At times there's 20,000 crows down there."
-Brian Shema
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"It's illegal to transport roosters across state lines or for foreign export for animal fighting."
-John Goodwin
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