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Quotes about Rethinking

Rethinking Quotes
15 quotes about rethinking follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite rethinking quotes!
"We believe poor recent results and management changes are leading to internal rethinking of [Wal-Mart's] aggressive deflationary pricing strategies, which we believe will lead to better gross margins in 2004, while still reducing prices."
-Gary Balter
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"Given the increasing global importance of retirement issues and the rethinking of health care benefits and executive compensation, we expect our solid performance to continue in fiscal 2006."
-John Haley
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"People may qualify for the mortgage and interest, but the taxes and insurance turn into an obstacle. There perhaps needs to be some rethinking about how Save Our Homes is applied to the low-income buyer."
-Anita Jenkins
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"Now that companies know what the worst-case scenario is, they are asking themselves, 'could we survive this?' ... Almost every company out there is rethinking what they are doing."
-Carrie Lewis
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"I don't think they felt they needed to care, and this verdict will have them rethinking that."
-Freddie Hamilton
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"Hospitals are rethinking how to handle a different kind of patient. Basically, the baby boomers are coming. We are the best-educated generation, and we are not a group familiar with delayed gratification."
-Rick Wade
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"We deem this action representative of a market that has lost the flurry of last week's panic buying and instead is rethinking its view as to the near-term motivation of the Fed and the impact of Katrina."
-David Ader
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"In the past we've kind of said 'No, you have to be 21 to come in,' and rethinking it, we thought, no, we want everybody to be welcome."
-Ray Murphy
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"I'm not talking about lowering hiring standards; I'm talking about rethinking those standards."
-Howard Rubin
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"He's rethinking some of his takeaways. We're relieved that he is."
-Art Pulaski
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"People are now rethinking how they finance their homes. Homeowners no longer view their homes as a 30-year asset."
-Peter Dimartino
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"It doesn't make sense to be rethinking or accusing people of mistakes yet. . . . This is political, partisan gamesmanship when lives are at stake."
-Chris Cannon
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"When they scored first, as a coach I was rethinking what we were doing. We got a couple nice [goals] after that and found our offensive legs a bit more. I think the key was trying to play more forward, play a little more direct offensively."
-Chad Allen
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"Since then there has been some rethinking and the goal has been raised because we are looking at trying to also generate some operating funds. To get the renovation is one thing, but then once it's renovated, we need funds to operate it."
-Thomas Hill
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