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Quotes about Pretentious

Pretentious Quotes
9 quotes about pretentious follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite pretentious quotes!
"At the 15th he led the crowd in a chant when I was teeing off. But he was very gracious and affable. He's just a regular guy, not pretentious at all."
-John Pinkerton
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"I know many people find Wagner boring, and I'm no different, but by not being pretentious I hope to make it accessible."
-Bryn Terfel
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"There's not much longevity in music today. It's so easy to go in, put some pretentious lyrics on, with people saying the same thing over and over and over."
-Patti Labelle
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"Hopefully it will affect somebody and will inspire something. I'm not trying to manipulate what people's interpretation of the movie is. But I think that for me it was about greed and lusting after this secular world. And I'm not trying to be pretentious, but if it can be an explanation of that world, then great."
-Giovanni Ribisi
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"He's got a real good handle on it. He's not pretentious. He's not preachy. He just lays out the facts."
-Mark Purple
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"Perhaps it sounds pretentious, but in one way or another I hope that you can see that every image contains an idea. It certainly sounds presumptuous-and perhaps it's also untruthful. But as I see it, every image and every cut is thought out. They are not there by chance."
-Lars Von Trier
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"I don't think it was too pretentious."
-Gerald Roper
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"He's down-home, not pretentious, but he gets it, and he's got an air of confidence about him that reassures you that when you tell him something he understands how important it is to you."
-Rick Glancey
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"It is not pretentious. It just gives you the feeling you could do it yourself."
-Michel Gondry
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