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Quotes about Newness

Newness Quotes
7 quotes about newness follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite newness quotes!
"Not a good idea. After a while, the newness wears off."
-Kellie Lee
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"It brings some newness, some freshness. Any time a change is made, the newness of the teammates, everybody is on their P's and Q's a little bit. I see our guys helping the new guys and explaining things to them. That's good. That's a bonding thing that helps pull those guys together."
-Dwayne Casey
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"They want newness, and we have to give it to them."
-Tom Lennox
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"We have a great deal of spring merchandise. You see color. I think that is very good for us, not just in Florida and California, but in the whole country. Our customers want to see newness."
-Michael Gould
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"Victoria's Secret strength has been its efforts to strive for constant newness."
-Howard Tubin
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"Maybe they will not have the same traditions. The newness and the changes during the holidays, that will probably dredge back up why they aren't home."
-Robert Sevier
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"Right now I am kind of addicted, ... but when the newness wears off I think it won't be as bad. At first you get all these new friends and after that it's like 'what do you do now?'"
-Elizabeth Mcdonald
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