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Quotes about Nephews

Nephews Quotes
11 quotes about nephews follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite nephews quotes!
"I was there in '65 when Hurricane Betsy came, and I was one of the ones that was evacuated out of the attic into a boat and brought to safety. My nephews were currently living in the house at the time of Katrina, but we left together."
-Vera Williams
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"I was at my nephew's graduation from Harvard Business School."
-Gary Hirshberg
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"My nephews have a bigger operation, so the increases are probably affecting them even more."
-Carl Miller
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"My nephews came and they were just telling him about their summer."
-Jennifer Green
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"I have experience seducing nephews."
-Gina Lollobrigida
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"Eddie was very close to all of his nephews and nieces. He was like their grandfather."
-Linda Lopez
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"This is life-affirming drama for all the family. Hopefully all ages will watch - mum, dad, granddad, nieces and nephews."
-Robson Green
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"It's just horrific. This is disgusting. This is a county jail. These are our brothers, nephews, sons, uncles."
-William Grant
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"I've got sister in laws brother in laws nieces and nephews and people I don't even know are helping."
-Patsy Denham
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"A lot of people do come here for lobster. My four brothers, they all lobster . . . along with my dad, my two nephews, my grandson and a couple of friends."
-Anne Miller
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