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Quotes about Mentoring

Mentoring Quotes
10 quotes about mentoring follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite mentoring quotes!
"The Make Mine a $Million Business program is all about mentoring, marketing and making money."
-Marilyn Montross
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"It's been a perfect mentoring system and support back and forth."
-Peggy Robbins
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"Put the mentoring in place and put high expectations in front of them. Give them love. Give them support. They will succeed."
-Said Sewell
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"Maybe it will be mentoring the younger players."
-Fred Hoiberg
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"We were part of the mentoring program with NASA and JPL. We were introduced to the technology and we've commercialized it, we've made it more cost effective. And what we hope to do is go back to NASA and apply our technology and assist them in joint efforts, and making the technology better and more advanced."
-Brian Savage
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"Being only 17, they were almost mentoring and nice (to me)."
-Brent Brown
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"They learn about mentoring. They learn about giving back. They learn how to be role models and why it is important to be role models."
-Pam Marshall
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"We have games, quizzes, puzzles, contests, and now, online mentoring."
-Rachel Muir
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"The mentoring program is about long-term outcomes and solutions to homelessness. Mentoring helps break the cycle of homelessness."
-Roxane White
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