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Quotes about Looters

Looters Quotes
6 quotes about looters follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite looters quotes!
"Some looters came up and pulled a gun on the wrong group of men."
-Gregg Harris
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"If it wasn't damaged by water, looters took it. We can't find out until we can get in there."
-Michele Aurella
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"He couldn't believe we were there. He kept asking how I got there because every way they tried they had people, looters I guess, shooting at them."
-Michael Trosclair
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"What you did was not done to discourage looters, but for the key reason of producing trophy photos."
-Michael Hunter
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"IMHO looters should be shot. Nothing allows for that sort of behavior. How would you feel if it was your property being looted. Horrible I bet."
-Adeel Iqbal
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"I headed into the looters tunnel to cool off, shined my light around and there it was. Only 80 centimeters were exposed (about 2-1/2 feet), the size of a small TV set."
-Bill Saturno
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