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Quotes about Loggers

Loggers Quotes
6 quotes about loggers follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite loggers quotes!
"Most people automatically believe that if there's a large flood then loggers and deforestation are responsible. In most cases it's not true."
-David Kaimowitz
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"We were thus able to compare parks in isolated areas, under practically no pressure, with Indian lands in areas disputed by loggers and agribusiness."
-Daniel Nepstad
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"These loggers are heavily armed, organized groups who are sometimes linked to drug traffickers."
-Homero Aridjis
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"(The project) will open up a road for loggers and poachers."
-Alejandro Queral
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"It's not like the spotted owl, where it's loggers versus owls, ... We're all on the same side on this one."
-David Bain
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"Loggers are working in perilous conditions, to say the least."
-James Hull
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