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Quotes about Dolphins

Dolphins Quotes
6 quotes about dolphins follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite dolphins quotes!
"He's planning on playing for the Dolphins."
-Leigh Steinberg
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"We're monitoring the hurricane and we continue to be in contact with both the Chiefs and Dolphins."
-Steve Alic
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"She got involved with the Dolphin Research Center. We have a picture of her swimming with the dolphins."
-Kit Spahn
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"It was extremely big. Like us, they (the Dolphins) were searching for a win. It was a delight to start off with a win."
-James Brunner
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"I really like dolphins. They're really pretty, and cool to watch in the water."
-Alaina Mikesell
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"He got us through a tough spot, just as he did when he was with the Dolphins."
-Kevin Byrne
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