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Quotes about Camping

Camping Quotes
9 quotes about camping follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite camping quotes!
"They were there to help, there weren't any families camping - I don't think we had any families from what I could tell."
-Dustin Bruns
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"But we aren't a camping family."
-Jamie Munro
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"He loved camping, we had gone camping the Wednesday before it happened."
-Trey Clark
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"We used to like camping out."
-Jonathan Harris
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"I told them to set up the box like they're going camping. What things would you need?"
-Stacy Stapp
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"If I wanted to go camping, I'd go camping. This is a home, not a campground."
-Jeff Green
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"The lines are a little shorter. It could be the weather. I got here about 6 a.m., and there was no one camping overnight."
-Tony Caldwell
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"It was rough camping, but she loved it. They were outdoors people."
-Sherlyn Lattimer
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"I took everything I could put into a little camping suitcase."
-Amber Grush
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