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Quotes about Bragging

Bragging Quotes
13 quotes about bragging follow in order of popularity. Be sure to bookmark and share your favorite bragging quotes!
"For God hates utterlyThe bray of bragging tongues."
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"It's all about bragging rights."
-Richard Whitelaw
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"I'm not bragging, but I don't think anyone can match up with Mr. Hughes."
-John Lawrence
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"You have to do a little bragging on yourself even to your relatives-man doesn't get anywhere without advertising."
-John Nance Garner
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"He was real disappointed after the game [a 45-14 USF win]. That one was for bragging rights."
-Vassay Marc
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"They get all the bragging rights now."
-Pooh Williams
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"No points were awarded. But bragging rights were established."
-George Burger
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"Sun, for at least two weeks, had bragging rights about that."
-Nathan Brookwood
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"The bragging power with this cannot be understated."
-Brandon Wallace
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"I think bragging rights would be enough for us."
-Amy Nichols
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"It (the GMCT) is about bragging rights. (South Plainfield) has a lot to brag about."
-Bobby Januska
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"We know a lot of the Texas girls. It's for bragging rights."
-Terry Kennedy
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