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"In a [conventional] fusion device de- signed to produce energy, the release of high-energy ions further heats the plasma, thereby sustaining the reaction. We get the same amount of energy out of the fusion reaction, but we cannot use it to sustain the reaction."
-Yaron Danon
"Nuclear fusion has been explored as a potential source of power, but we are not looking at this as an energy source right now."
-Yaron Danon
"You just heat the crystal from room temperature to about 130 degrees. Then you can use it while it's heating or while it's cooling. We're doing it while it's cooling. We're letting it cool back to room temperature, and while it's doing that it's accelerating ions, so it's like a particle accelerator that's very simple."
-Yaron Danon
"When you heat or cool the crystal . . . it becomes polarized. Because the crystal is an insulator, when it becomes polarized it essentially becomes a charged capacitor. The voltage output is the charge, which is big, divided by the capacitance, which is very, very small, thereby making the voltage swing huge--over 100,000 V on the face of each crystal."
-Yaron Danon
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