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"Being in a place like the Royal Ballet School and part of an environment where there is so much discipline, where everyone works so hard, it just completely occupies your life. You literally live it and breath it every single day; it becomes who you are. And that, I think, is very good preparation for really anything you do in life."
-Will Kemp
"Over there, people want to believe in you, if you can prove to them that you totally believe in you."
-Will Kemp
"I think we all have to fight the werewolf within us somehow."
-Will Kemp
"I am currently having the best of times in Wind in the Willows here in London. A pair of tights and a twitchy mustache are always a good start to Christmas."
-Will Kemp
"I believe that if creative people are open and generous enough when working with each other, a lot more can be learned and achieved by both parties. That's what it's all about, trying to produce the best work possible on any given project."
-Will Kemp
"As an actor one does read Shakespeare and does try to learn the classics."
-Will Kemp in Acting quotes.
"He deserves to get the benefit of the bargain."
-Will Kemp
"I have had so many great moments, but I would have to say that dancing the Swan in 'Swan Lake' was such a unique and passionate experience for me. It was such bloody hard work, even at that very early age, that I would not want to try to replicate it again now."
-Will Kemp
"I used to do this as a kid. And now they're paying me for it, which is cool."
-Will Kemp
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