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Wendy Nolan Quotes

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"This makes our game against MSJ huge."
-Wendy Nolan
"I felt in the first half that Burr and Burton definitely stepped to the ball more than we did. But in the second half they were really able to work it together and play like a team."
-Wendy Nolan
"We need to execute more, we need to be first to the ball and we need to continue to take more shots on goal."
-Wendy Nolan
"We had some nice shots in the first half, but definitely in the second half we needed to take more shots."
-Wendy Nolan
"She did awesome. She has worked really hard all season and it showed tonight. She wasn't feeling good, so I was worried about that coming in, but she shined. When it came down to penalty kicks, Chelsea just tried her hardest."
-Wendy Nolan
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