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Tina Burton Quotes

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"We have some guards who can step up and hit from the outside, but they haven't had to and have been comfortable with that. We're going to have to change our game plan."
-Tina Burton
"They're hanging their heads. They wanted it. They weren't totally convinced it would work."
-Tina Burton
"We're missing a lot of easy shots, easy shots. I don't want to take anything away from [Slater], but I honestly thought we were just missing shots and not finishing."
-Tina Burton
"Children today are so visually stimulated with video games, videos, TV, that in order to reach them, you have to go along with what they're used to."
-Tina Burton
"I was thinking that we're just going to have to hang onto the ball and get out of this. We had to have Ashton in there to handle the ball."
-Tina Burton
"We ran a little different offense than we've used against the 2-3 zone. I told our guards to take more shots. If they don't, [opponents] will keep packing in the middle."
-Tina Burton
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