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Tim Cahill Quotes

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"Mystery is a resource, like coal or gold, and its preservation is a fine thing."
-Tim Cahill in Mystery quotes.
"For many years I thought my job was to go to places where it would be difficult for most of the readers to ever get to."
-Tim Cahill
"The sensual caress of waist deep cold smoke - Glory in skiing virgin snow, in being the first to mark the powder with the signature of their run."
-Tim Cahill
"They all looked at me because they knew it wasn't very good, ... It's terrible. The first words out of my mouth were a lie."
-Tim Cahill
"My idea of a vacation is staying home and doing short day hikes, floating the river and things like that."
-Tim Cahill
"Men who share misery together are forever brothers."
-Tim Cahill
"It's the best place on earth. The mountains. The river. The everyday scenery is great. I like to see the seasons change. I like to see the eagles coming in. It's beautiful."
-Tim Cahill
"It's such a beautiful, unique stadium because it's a war memorial and it's an historic building, ... I know the buildings there. We're not going to mess it up. Not on my watch."
-Tim Cahill
"For me, to find a place that doesn't have an organized tour going to it is becoming more and more difficult. A lot of times it involves danger of a political nature -- places where the adventure-travel trips can't go because they can't get any liability insurance."
-Tim Cahill
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