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Thomas Straubhaar Quotes

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"We have gotten used to this five million people unemployed, and to a public deficit that's 4 percent of GDP, and with a zero growth economy."
-Thomas Straubhaar
"Germany faces difficult times because the formation of a new government will be tough. Whatever emerges will be comparatively unstable."
-Thomas Straubhaar
"The increase in value-added tax will leave skid marks on the economy in 2007. If there has to be any tax increase at all, it should be spread over three years."
-Thomas Straubhaar
"Compared to the United States, ... there is no clear message from the CDU about an individualist, market-oriented economic policy. The program is piecemeal. It's not a vision. It's a sort of muddling through. These are programs that may help give some economic benefits, but it's definitely not something that you could call a conclusive economic program."
-Thomas Straubhaar
"There is an incredible stand-still in the labor market. Well-meant protection comes at the expense of reduced labor participation."
-Thomas Straubhaar
"Even if it sounds odd, it's true that -- given the current regulations -- Germany is dependent on illegal employment of foreign laborers."
-Thomas Straubhaar
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