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Spencer Nelson Quotes

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"It was a great team effort. I was able to get a couple of baskets to fall, but we worked great as a team."
-Spencer Nelson
"I was cut on Thursday, Oct. 27 my sister's birthday. That was hardly a great day for me. But the offer from Bamberg came on the 27th. We discussed it on the 28th. And I signed it on the 29th. And on Monday, the first (of November), I was on a plane to Germany."
-Spencer Nelson
"When you first come in to a team, you have to get a feel for everyone, and they have to get a feel for you. It was pretty easy to come into this team as long as you worked hard. When I came in, I wanted to bring in energy and enthusiasm. We had the veterans. If I could provide leadership, great. But I wanted to concentrate on bringing in energy."
-Spencer Nelson
"I just saw them. I said hello to them, and I try to keep tabs on how they're doing. Utah State is a big family. Even though you graduate, you still want Utah State to do as well as possible."
-Spencer Nelson
"Everything happened so fast. I didn't have much time to dwell on being cut."
-Spencer Nelson
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