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Scott Depew Quotes

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"We had some fun, and the facilities were great. We really enjoyed playing out there."
-Scott Depew
"We just came off the bus and weren't ready. We got off to a great start, but we made a low of throwing mistakes."
-Scott Depew
"These teams don't give you anything, like the teams in league. We need to get high reps on defense in practice and take better care of the baseball."
-Scott Depew
"Daniel was having some trouble with his confidence, and you see it especially after walks. He's getting better at it, but we went to Derek. He's always around the plate, throwing strikes, and it was an adjustment for (Oregon City batters) going from Daniel to Derek."
-Scott Depew
"That kid was probably the best pitcher we've seen all season. They didn't make any mistakes, and we had to earn every run we got."
-Scott Depew
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