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Scot Mcneley Quotes

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"That was something that really was a gamble. But I think the site we have chosen will avoid that type of problem, as well as potential problems that are associated with construction of a new school facility."
-Scot Mcneley
"There has always been some cause for concern about that. But I feel we have done a very good job at doing our homework on these projects, and really, we hope the public will look at each one of these projects as they stand on there own merit."
-Scot Mcneley
"We hope that we will have some continuity for the decision-making process. What I envision is a tremendous amount of the design to come from the schools' staff. And taking staff, administrators and people from the community, and then taking members of the committee and injecting them into those committees."
-Scot Mcneley
"What I've seen is that we have a lot of kids who either cut themselves from the teams, or are cut, when they move from the junior high schools to the high school. Because the high school doesn't have any freshman or sophomore teams. So that's one of the things we're trying to work out."
-Scot Mcneley
"Although it's still preliminary, and maybe just for short period of time, we may begin a sophomore team at the high school. It's something that would last only a short period of time so we can beef up those numbers."
-Scot Mcneley
"We are one of the last districts in the state to still be on the junior high system. And, really, it's something that other districts have changed for a good reason."
-Scot Mcneley
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