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Ron Swoboda Quotes

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"We get back from the ballpark around 5 o'clock. I'm thinking it must be cocktail hour. These guys were in their shorts and off to the gym."
-Ron Swoboda
"That's the all-time example of a blind ground hog finding an acorn."
-Ron Swoboda
"It's been disruption and pain and death and financial disaster -- you name it -- for a whole bunch of people. It's been horrendous, and it has changed everybody in the city forever, in some ways that they don't even know yet. But to come out here on opening night and see Zephyr Field put back together is a great feeling."
-Ron Swoboda
"He had the stature and personality to needle anyone with a smile on his face. He didn't care if it was Seaver or Rod Gaspar."
-Ron Swoboda
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