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Ray Ferrara Quotes

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"You might want to take an annuity if you have super longevity in your family."
-Ray Ferrara
"The economy continues to be stronger than most people thought it would be, particularly in light of the hurricanes. I hate being a cynic, but it is an election year (for Congress) . . . the president will do everything he can to have the economy humming, people feeling good about themselves and being employed."
-Ray Ferrara
"A lot of people just figure they'll draw 5, 6, 7, even 11 percent on their investments every month and they'll be set."
-Ray Ferrara
"One of the biggest mistakes people make with their investment planning is they are too linear. They need to look at all the possibilities."
-Ray Ferrara
"The one thing 35 years have taught me is that whatever the majority thinks is going to happen usually doesn't play out that way. The key from the investor's point of view continues to be a well-diversified portfolio."
-Ray Ferrara
"If you are not astute in managing money, are not comfortable working with a financial planner, and are concerned about the market, taking an annuity may give you greater peace of mind."
-Ray Ferrara
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