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Randy Thoreson Quotes

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"We let them off the hook. You hate to be in control late and then tie it up on an own goal."
-Randy Thoreson
"We're creating a lot of opportunities, which is a big part of the battle. We're just not finding the net. Twenty-seven shots and only two goals is not my idea of a good time. We need to find the mental composure to finish the job."
-Randy Thoreson
"If that's his goal and he settles into it, he's got the talent to do it. He's got some innate qualities that you can't coach, he's improved his technical ability and he can play at some big-time levels."
-Randy Thoreson
"It's not just dead speed. He can go from zero to 60 in about two steps."
-Randy Thoreson
"Our goal right now is to get five shutouts from here on out and that was number one. I'm really glad to get out of a loser-out game; I hate them."
-Randy Thoreson
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