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Peter Manning Quotes

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"I figure out what (Marker's) got then I try to show that his testimony isn't reliable."
-Peter Manning
"At least I know the lady in Germany will be slowing down a bit now, at 63 it's probably nearly time to give up."
-Peter Manning
"We're confident that by November 1 we'll have the front all buttoned up."
-Peter Manning
"He'll probably have a short break soon and then be fitted for a racetrack campaign."
-Peter Manning
"I've had my driving licence for 13 years, it's been quite a while. I guess it's just a family thing."
-Peter Manning
"As a result, the Arab-Muslim community in Australia cops it both from the Government in terms of ASIO raids and so on as well as demonisation and stereotyping by the media."
-Peter Manning
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