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Paul Huddle Quotes

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"The athletes were more accustomed to the area and we had a better plan. In general it was a better event."
-Paul Huddle
"Both Paula Newby-Fraser and Lori Bowden vehemently protested her alleged win, drinking unapproved liquids."
-Paul Huddle
"It's an early-season event, and most of the pros do not do more than three a year. It is an opportunity for them to get an idea of where they are and what they need to work on."
-Paul Huddle
"You always learn something that can be applied to the next event or following year. No event ever goes off without a hitch, but we were able to keep it internal and the spectators or participants didn't notice."
-Paul Huddle
"It was a reaction to the abhorrent and unbelievable practice of wearing Speedos around town, in the post office, the grocery store, even restaurants. It's just a clash of the cultures, between the more conservative Americans and the whole European and Mediterranean resort vacation thing."
-Paul Huddle
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