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Paul Buck Quotes

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"We only have one freshman. We should be carrying 25 kids probably."
-Paul Buck
"I think they've been real successful because they're good buddies off the court, ... On the court, they're aggressive and they're active. They communicate well. They do all the things you want a doubles team to do."
-Paul Buck
"In terms of quality of kids, they're awesome, ... I've really enjoyed coaching them. They're attentive. They've worked hard. They go above and beyond what you ask them to do."
-Paul Buck
"By that time the sap or liquid, which we call coconut milk, has disappeared because it has fed the plant. There would be no coconut milk in a fruit that has started to germinate."
-Paul Buck
"We have built up many myths and one of the myths that we have built up is that saturated fat is bad for us and that?s not true."
-Paul Buck
"We have pretty good competition between about 10 guys."
-Paul Buck
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