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Pamela Boggs Quotes

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"For each woman, the pattern is different. That individual woman will know, for her, if a change has occurred. Every woman is really different."
-Pamela Boggs
"Every woman's menopause experience is unique. That's where the confusion comes from. People experience symptoms at different times."
-Pamela Boggs
"Certainly menopause is a natural biological event, but many women do respond differently and may need intervention by a health care provider to help optimize the quality of their life."
-Pamela Boggs
"There are some women who are embarrassed and don't want to talk about it. It is the butt of a lot of jokes, most based on myths."
-Pamela Boggs
"Menopause is a perfectly natural process. As family members and friends recognize that this is a normal process and learn about the normal, natural symptoms, they will then treat the woman like she's normal and natural rather than a crazy woman."
-Pamela Boggs
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