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Nachman Shai Quotes

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"I expect Arab leaders, especially President Mubarak ... to call for the Palestinians to cease their hostilities and to return to negotiations with Israel. That was very important. Unfortunately, it was not mentioned there."
-Nachman Shai
"The 'timeout' means that we are going to reassess our position of where things stand right now. It doesn't mean we are going to withdraw our support for the peace process, just the opposite."
-Nachman Shai
"It's very difficult to absorb them, and there are so many poor Israelis who need help, too. This will happen, but it will take time."
-Nachman Shai
"This is the time for us to show that we appreciate what the Americans have been doing for Israel and Israelis for so many years."
-Nachman Shai
"He's has successfully ignited the Middle East. He's shooting everyone now. He doesn't really want to settle the current crisis."
-Nachman Shai
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