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"She was concerned and distraught and she had lost all faith in their abilities. We had a heart-to-heart and made a solemn promise to work together to start to heal. It was a long process, but that's sort of where it turned around."
-Monty Lapica
"Some events are imagined or made up, but all of that stuff really happened. The heart of the film is real life."
-Monty Lapica
"I was neglected and dehydrated. Other people were tied up, emotionally and physically abused. The staff was completely untrained to deal with troubled teens."
-Monty Lapica
"It's amazing. I was 17, and even though I looked like an adult, there was a total lack of rights. Legally, they could kidnap me and take me to a remote island without my consent."
-Monty Lapica
"They promote it as a kind of utopia for teens. They show you pictures of teens singing around a campfire and frolicking under waterfalls. But in reality, there was abuse."
-Monty Lapica
"I like very radical character art. I'm fascinated with the process of change from one extreme to another and capturing it in a way that is so gradual the audience doesn't realize it until later. That's the ultimate challenge."
-Monty Lapica
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