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Minoru Tada Quotes

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"Japan is entering the summer holiday season. Activity should be limited this week and next."
-Minoru Tada
"Nothing new came out of the G7 meeting. But the government is now keeping a closer eye on the stock market and investors are taking notice."
-Minoru Tada
"There's pretty much nobody home in the foreign brokerages now due to Christmas celebrations, and domestic institutional investors have no particular incentive to trade either."
-Minoru Tada
"U.S. stocks finally appear to be bottoming out, and the yen is coming back to reasonable levels for Japanese exporters. I'd say that's a pretty good signal to buy."
-Minoru Tada
"Selling looks thin and investors continue to cover their short positions."
-Minoru Tada
"Tech shares have taken a real hammering lately and were due for a rebound."
-Minoru Tada
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