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Malei Nthiwa Quotes

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"Southern Sudan is going to be number one in Africa and the world for investment because it's a large country and the infrastructure is zero. People need buildings, power, highways, hospitals they need everything."
-Malei Nthiwa
"The meeting will bring together over 200 technical experts, investors, donors, NGO and government officials, who will discuss the role regional investors and traders can play in the development of southern Sudan."
-Malei Nthiwa
"The conference will offer a forum for the Sudanese private and public sectors to showcase opportunities in the oil, gas, power, infrastructure and agriculture sub-sectors."
-Malei Nthiwa
"There are almost no roads connecting the south with the rest of the country and neighboring nations, and in most cases, the few available are either still mined or usable only during the dry season."
-Malei Nthiwa
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