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Leo Latlip Quotes

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"I had closed my eyes and it kind of bounced off us. That knocked us out of business."
-Leo Latlip
"I saw one destroyer go down and not come up. I saw several go down and never imagined that they would come up but they were well-buttoned up."
-Leo Latlip
"It was very somber, cool treatment."
-Leo Latlip
"In the six months at sea we never saw a tree or land."
-Leo Latlip
"We were on the starboard side in formation. When we broke ranks I tried to find a good spot and I jumped up on an ammunition box with a couple of other guys. We were not more than 35 feet from the table where we were."
-Leo Latlip
"He always left a nice drink for me. He was just like a father to me, although he never spoke my name and I'm sure he didn't know my name."
-Leo Latlip
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