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Lance Watson Quotes

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"It's pretty exciting. Going to Kansas City, a place I am familiar with, should help with the transition. This has always been a goal of mine. After dreaming about it as a high school player, and now seeing it come true, is just unbelievable."
-Lance Watson
"In a close game, you're going to have to win or lose at the line. We got it done enough."
-Lance Watson
"It's pretty amazing coming from a town of 30,000 people to have two people playing in MLS on the same team."
-Lance Watson
"He shot the ball well. It's like plugging a dam, you just don't know where to put your finger."
-Lance Watson
"We are a good group of guys and we play well together. We're very close. A lot of us have been here for three years, so we've spent a lot of time together."
-Lance Watson
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