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Laman Gray Quotes

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"He is much better than Rob and I would have expected considering how sick he was."
-Laman Gray
"He wanted me to express his very sincere appreciation to all of the people in the world who have expressed their prayers and support for him."
-Laman Gray
"[Gray said his team has started working with the federal Food and Drug Administration on a possible discharge plan for Tools, who has been allowed to leave the hospital for short periods since his initial excursion.] It will take several months to work it out, ... and it's too early to give a discharge date."
-Laman Gray
"Mr. Tools is now 85 days out and is doing extremely well, ... He's eating on his own, his nutrition is not what we want at this point but it's improving."
-Laman Gray
"Certainly the progress with the patient has been extremely pleasing, and I think it really surpasses any expectations that I've ever had."
-Laman Gray
"We really have not seen anything to date that is unusual for the degree of illness that the gentleman has."
-Laman Gray
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