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Kyle Mcalarney Quotes

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"In a way, it's been kind of a dream season because you play every game down to the wire and that's what you play for. But it's probably the worse season in the fact that every loss that we've had is so close."
-Kyle Mcalarney
"They hit a couple of big shots to get them back in the game. Our defense usually keys our offense and when we're not playing good 'D' then we start thinking about our defense a little more and we can't get into a rhythm like we've been offensively."
-Kyle Mcalarney
"We've had a couple of heartbreakers, but we're hanging in there. We just have to avoid all that will come with this game and focus on ourselves."
-Kyle Mcalarney
"I think I passed a few up the past few games. Tonight, I felt real loose and I felt real good out there, felt real comfortable."
-Kyle Mcalarney
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