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Josh Bivens Quotes

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"It's a big puzzle. If this is a knowledge economy, how come the brains aren't being compensated? Instead, the owners of physical capital are getting the rewards."
-Josh Bivens
"I don't think it's a fait accompli that it's going to make the middle class poor in the United States. But I do think it's a useful warning that this is going to be tough for a large swath of workers in the United States, if managed poorly."
-Josh Bivens
"Any attempt to forecast what skills will be needed 10 years from now is just folly. If 10 years ago someone told you financial analysts were a job that was going to be exposed to intense global competition, a lot of people probably would not believe it but that definitely seems to be a possibility today."
-Josh Bivens
"This is a better-than-expected report, but not one that gives you full confidence that this is an economy ready to spring ahead."
-Josh Bivens
"You can't read this [GDP] report and expect it to translate into a good report tomorrow. Employment is a lagging indicator, so it will be at least two quarters, or maybe even four quarters, before better growth numbers translate into better jobs numbers."
-Josh Bivens
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