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Jose Gregorio Tineo Quotes

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"The market was very dull and slow. There are still a lot of people on vacation. Another factor weighing (on the market) is associated with expectations about the remaining ministerial appointments and economic policies that President-elect Hugo Chavez will adopt."
-Jose Gregorio Tineo
"The market has been depressed, and has already discounted a Chavez victory. I don't know who was surprised by the reports and this was not a reason for anyone to sell. But the market is very weak and is very open to manipulation."
-Jose Gregorio Tineo
"The market is waiting for the explanation of the government's economic policy and the Enabling Law. Added to this, there was also a lack of participants because of the proximity of the Carnival celebrations."
-Jose Gregorio Tineo
"It must be that for them, the payment of the tax is minor compared with the potential profits to be made."
-Jose Gregorio Tineo
"Even though the transactions tax has still not been implemented, the mere announcement created great pessimism. The worst thing is the market will move abroad."
-Jose Gregorio Tineo
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