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Jonathan Faull Quotes

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"The general inflation situation and prospects are good."
-Jonathan Faull
"We reiterate the Commission's support for the European candidate for this post. There is no suggestion that the Commission or anybody else is abandoning its support, in fact... there is unanimous support for the European candidate."
-Jonathan Faull
"We are 20 months down the line from the ANC's largest electoral victory ever. It's unlikely that things would have changed dramatically in that period. It was potentially a bit of wishful thinking on the part of some parties and analysts."
-Jonathan Faull
"Is committed to principles of freedom of expression and media, as we are sure is the Czech Government."
-Jonathan Faull
"The president does not regret one word of his interview with Le Monde, which is very clear."
-Jonathan Faull
"Its a hung council with either a coalition or a minority government with the ID holding the balance. We can expect some deal making in the next week."
-Jonathan Faull
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