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Jon Benjamin Quotes

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"I think the message one would hope the mayor would take away from this is that he is not the sole arbiter of standards in public life, that an elected official can nevertheless go beyond what is acceptable."
-Jon Benjamin
"This was an incredibly positive meeting, but one which flagged up the challenges ahead. As a community we must rise to those challenges and work hard with our Christian friends to address them."
-Jon Benjamin
"Sometimes, the word terrorism or terrorist is the best word. Certainly, we believe the BBC admits in this report to fighting shy of using the terrorist word."
-Jon Benjamin
"To say to first- and second-generation immigrants to Britain that they should 'go back to where they came from,' that is the kind of language one would expect from one end of the political spectrum."
-Jon Benjamin
"It's a smokescreen that we have been running some kind of campaign against him. It was he who brought this on himself."
-Jon Benjamin
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