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Jay Roberson Quotes

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"We need better information on survival rates and recruitment rates of mourning doves. But we have to look at the availability and efficiency of non-toxic shot."
-Jay Roberson
"They have studies that have shown where as few as one pellet resulted in about 50 percent mortality after 21 days. They forced feed doves in pens."
-Jay Roberson
"Mourning doves are ground feeders. They also are sight feeders, picking up visible seeds. They don't scratch or dig. When snow covers a field, they have a hard time foraging."
-Jay Roberson
"There are some studies going on now in Missouri on penned birds where they were fed a certain number of lead shot. They've found that if they ingest even a small number of shot, they have a very low survival rate."
-Jay Roberson
"One problem is that it may not show up in dead birds in the field because they get weak and picked of by predators."
-Jay Roberson
"I am concerned about what kind of fallout there might be and what it forces us into in other states."
-Jay Roberson
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