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"You can say Germany is at a tipping point. Germany is facing some choices. In the worst case, they can try to avoid it again and put things off, rather than taking their medicine. You can postpone, you can procrastinate, but eventually you have to do it. That's what is staring Germany in the face."
-Jackson Janes
"There is a culture of pessimism in Germany. There is a sense that something can go wrong and they tend to look around for it."
-Jackson Janes
"There's no way in hell Merkel will send troops to Iraq. But what her visit will definitely do is set a tone--not necessarily set a policy. I wouldn't count on there being an announcement that Bush has just signed on to Kyoto."
-Jackson Janes
"In the case of Schroeder, there was a great deal of concern that they were thinking more about differences rather than commonalities."
-Jackson Janes
"I don't think that we here in Washington should escalate our expectations that her parameters would be significantly bigger than Schroeder's."
-Jackson Janes
"If the administration representatives are honest they'll tell you 'Well this is a fresh start and Merkel's victory would be a good thing'."
-Jackson Janes
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