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Helen Marshall Quotes

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"We all know Shea Stadium occupies a place in this borough, physically and spiritually. It has served its purpose well. But now, it is time to commence the construction of something new."
-Helen Marshall
"The place where they're planning to put the stadium is a place that needs rehabilitation and it's gonna be tough for us to get the money to do that, ... This way, we will have something that's positive here."
-Helen Marshall
"It's more awareness of the staff and within the community. Sometimes, (organ donation) has a kind of Frankenstein-ish image to it. We try to dispel those myths about it."
-Helen Marshall
"As I have often said, whenever a disaster occurs anywhere in the world, there are relatives grieving in Queens, ... It appears that most of the organizations involved in relief efforts are currently asking for monetary donations."
-Helen Marshall
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