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Heidi Romer Quotes

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"I don't think I ever imagined this. I had no idea I was even close."
-Heidi Romer
"We had a team meeting earlier this week and revisited some of our goals. Everything was really positive this week during practice."
-Heidi Romer
"I think that the team has seen me play all year and knows that no matter how bad my wrist is hurting or how bad I'm playing, I'm going to pull out the match because I always want it more than my opponent and I know I can out run and outlast anyone."
-Heidi Romer
"I would like to finish my senior season with 82 wins, which means that we make it to the finals and I win all of my singles matches. I know that we can get there, and I bet this time we will give Western Michigan a run for their money when we do."
-Heidi Romer
"I find that I am smarter and I realize that I don't need to be playing my best tennis to close out a match. I have so many tools and weapons now that I don't need to hit the ball as hard as I can to beat my opponent."
-Heidi Romer
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