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Gregory Gieber Quotes

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"What is different now is the negative comments on the demand side, ... It indicates that Toll's high-end market has probably peaked and at best will go sideways."
-Gregory Gieber
"What is pushing people online is the low costs. The Internet will save both governments and end users money. There's a lot to be gained."
-Gregory Gieber
"If rates move up, housing will move down. But as long as we see relatively low interest rates and employment continues to pick up, housing will remain strong."
-Gregory Gieber
"As long as low rates remain, housing is going to continue to do better than expected."
-Gregory Gieber
"The name and credibility of these older and more established companies are winning them more business. Longevity and balance sheets are considerations."
-Gregory Gieber
"Without question, the housing market has peaked out. However, I think it will be a modest decline."
-Gregory Gieber
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