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Gregg Greeno Quotes

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"This has been a special group of guys that have been together a long time. They've had many birthday parties in the wrestling room."
-Gregg Greeno
"Our kids are really wrestling well. We are hoping for more of the same for the final."
-Gregg Greeno
"I didn't take this thing for granted at all. I didn't really feel good until we were ahead 31-3 with five weights to go."
-Gregg Greeno
"We want to have a quiet confidence throughout this entire tournament. We need to be sure of ourselves, but not think that we have it in the bag."
-Gregg Greeno
"Mike isn't the quickest wrestler we've ever had, nor is he the strongest. With him, it is all about attitude, technique and conditioning. That gives him the edge. He also cares about this team so much. He will do everything in his power to help the team, whether it is getting a pin or being a strong leader on the bench when other guys are falling asleep."
-Gregg Greeno
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