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Gene Klein Quotes

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"They have so much in-house brainpower that the use of so many consultants is time-wasteful, money-wasteful and lacks of sincerity and integrity."
-Gene Klein
"There are still a lot of narrow fields out there. It's a completely different game when you have to play on a football field and we have to be able to adapt to that. If you want to win, you have to learn to deal with any situation."
-Gene Klein
"I think they've gotten too far away from having managers make decisions. I'm not criticizing commissioners. I'm just critiquing their platform for decision-making."
-Gene Klein
"We don't like to play a deep sweeper like some teams. We like to step up our players to keep it tight in the midfield. It's something I've picked up coaching at higher levels."
-Gene Klein
"We had a few guys hurt early in the season when we were playing the tough out-of-section schedule that we always play, but we've been fairly healthy lately."
-Gene Klein
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