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Game Mcgimsey Quotes

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"No erupting volcano in Alaska has ever been this closely monitored before."
-Game Mcgimsey
"Oh, my goodness, yes, this is what we live to see. This is our bread and butter. We study this. To see it actually happening is just so exciting."
-Game Mcgimsey
"The public can see almost everything we see. Even the seismic data is exactly what's posted in our operation room right now."
-Game Mcgimsey
"It's always nice when you see increased seismic activity and you issue a warning that says you expect an eruption in the next hours to few days that what you predict is actually what happens. It gives us credibility and it sure makes us feel good when we called it right."
-Game Mcgimsey
"We are all on a buzz right now."
-Game Mcgimsey
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